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A personal portfolio


This is a collection of all the drawings and paintings that I have made with no claim whatsoever as to the aesthetic or sentimental value of the various pieces. It is simply a centralized repository that has the advantages of, 1) taking no precious physical real estate (on a wall or elsewhere), 2) not fading or degrading with time, 3) it includes pieces friends and family  generously accepted as "gifts" :-). Everything is included, including my first watercolour! It is a semi-private portfolio, for myself, family and friends, annotated with some thoughts on the context, the intent, and the result--often quite different from the intent :-)

Contact Me

Si vous êtes entrain de naviguer dans ces pages, vous savez qui je suis et comment me rejoindre :-), mais dans le cas peu probable que vous ne me connaissez pas, utilisez le formulaire à droite.

If you are browsing this page, it means that you know me, and vice-versa, and you know how to get hold of me. Just in case you stumbled into this web page by chance, you can reach me via the form to your right. 

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