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Lust under any other name

I used to jog at an esplanade in the Lac II district, which is a waterfront quay in a plush neighbourhood. Because of the remoteness of the place and the privacy the waterfront provides, I used to see lots of couples frolicking like there was no tomorrow, including ones with religious attire. Of course, they could be husbands and wives, for all I knew, but that is a heck of modesty--and piety--to cuddle on benches and inside cars, for all to see. That didn't square with the religious undertones of the dress codes. 

At the same time, youngsters of the islamist persuasion revived very old marriage rituals, which declared a marriage valid/halal if you had two witnesses to the union, with no official registration or family presence. So this was seen as a sexual revolution, islamist style. In the background, there was also the whole debate around these young women who were recruited and shipped to Syria for what is called "Jihed Ennikah", i.e. the "sex jihad". The reasoning went as follows: whereby "good muslim men" bore arms to wage holy war, "good muslim women" contributed by providing those fighting men with sexual comfort, and that is how they contributed to the holy war. That shows the extent of the hypocrisy and manipulation of the parties behind "jihad recruitment" (Turkey, Qatar, and their Tunisian lackeys) for what were essentially mercenary and prostitution rings. 

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