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Wow. Now we are getting into deep stuff. A portrait of my father, mostly from a "recent" picture (a few years). There isn't really much to read into it. Whichever character the painting has is not a result of deep something coming out in the painting. It is mostly the consequence of good or bad drawing strokes. But let us just say that my father has a couple of characteristics that make him "easy" to paint in a distinguishable way: 1) eye glasses, 2) his very personal way of wearing his "kabbous", i.e. the Tunisian hat (a contraption of Turkish origin), and 3) some very characteristic wrinkles, specially in his neck and under his chin. One of my siblings said that he looked sad. That was not the intent. His eyes are probably too big--a typical beginner's mistake. And he is made to look more chubby that he was (he was chubby in his youth, when he was diagnosed with blood pressure in his late forties/early fifties, got disciplined about his eating habits in ways that only he could, and lost quite a bit of weight).

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