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This page contains unclassified (recent) and unclassifiable paintings.


In metro Lionel Groulx, August 23, 2017, a mere week after a rather important event. I had gone to the office with my kids to recharge our various devices because of a 36 hour + power outage at the heels of a very violent summer storm.


In any event, this guy was signing country/rock in this sitting position, embracing his guitar, and with eyes closed, except when his sixth sense detected me filming him, when he looked up. Not only did he have a beautiful pure voice, but while he was playing, he was oblivious to everything happening around him. I tried, but failed, to show "silouehettes" of people in the background going about their business. Didn't know whether the solution to show silhouettes as different shades of a dark grey, within a grey background, or different shades of light grey within a whitish background. I opted for the latter, which didn't work out so well.



Nothing particularly earth shattering. An airliner taking off against a full moon.


My sister loves cats, and keeps sending out pictures from a site called "viral kittens". I thought I would try my hand at painting a mother - kitten scene of two cats burning the midnight oil also in a full moon. Not talented enough to do anything more elaborate :-). Luckily, she liked it.



This piece shows how retentive I am about never giving up on any piece of paper/canvas on which I jot the most basic pencil or brush stroke. I was testing a burnt Sienna tone on what I thought was the back of a throwaway piece of watercolour paper. It turned out it was blank on both sides. So I tried to salvage it by painting something around the sienna brush stroke. Here is the result.

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