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Really close

Between the levees and the first row of houses, there is a walkway that is separated from the levee--and the sea--by a short wall ("muret"). If you are in the water looking inland, you will only see the upper half of the passerby. If you pay attention, you are in for interesting sights...


Hum ... really close

I mean some of these guys are really close, I mean guys, personal space, please.... And they look very macho. May be Tunisian mores have evolved more than I knew


Gender correct

At least this one is gender correct, but then again, why are they, 1) so close, and 2) facing in the same direction instead of looking into each others eyes?


there you go again!

I mean so much public display of affection! and they go whizzing by!


So THAT is what it is!

The speed with which these couples clear the scenery should have been a giveaway!

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