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Alla yistenna


This is a phonetic transcription of a Tunisian proverb that says "it is better to wait than to hope", which, literally means, it is better to be waiting from something that will come later, than to just hope the thing will happen. Not sure what the morale is. Not sure whether it compares two situations that an individual might face (something that will come later versus something that won't happen), or if it suggests an attitude (to be waiting as opposed to hoping). The latter seems to suggest that we might lie to ourselves and make ourselves believe that something is coming, even if it isn't.

So these are people lining up waiting for the bus; one should hope that the bus service is reliable enough to make the proverb irrelevant, but there is an ad campaign currently about bus schedules, which is actually funy.


In any event, downstairs from my office, at the ground level, there is a food court with a floor to ceiling bay window, from which I can observe passengers at a bus stop, and actually take pictures of them without them knowing (oops!). It is a fascinating sight. It is a study in B&B of all shapes and sizes (bags and behinds). Any resemblance to an actual bag or behind is totally fortuitous.


Well, two out of three.

Image (8).jpg


Well, two out of four. But notice how backpacks have ruined the posture of North Americans, first, and now the entire planet.

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